Today is National 'One-Hit Wonder Day', so it's fitting to honor 'Ready For The World'! describes the 'One-Hit Wonder' as...

"someone who performs popular music who makes one successful record and then no others"

Which makes me think of the famous Michigan On-Hit Wonder band Ready For The World!

The band is out of Flint Michigan, and started by playing High School Talent Shows and were discovered buy a Detroit Radio Station DJ. After that, their single "Oh Shelia' sped to the top of the charts and broke recording records.

'Oh Sheila' took the #1 spot on the...

  • R&B charts
  • The Pop charts
  • Hot Dance Club Play Charts

Ready For The World was the first band to hold that #1 spot on all three charts at the same time.

The band reunited back in 2004 and are still playing today with the original line-up...

  • Melvin Riley (front man)
  • Gordon Strozier (lead guitar)
  • Gregory Potts (keyboards)
  • Willie Triplett (percussion & keyboard)
  • John Eaton (bass guitar)
  • Gerald Valentine (drums)

So Cheers to the best 'One-Hit Wonder' to come out of Michigan!


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