Husband shrinks $200 pants and his public shaming goes viral.

A Michigan man has learned his lesson according to the Daily Mail,

A disgruntled wife has attempted to 'sell her husband' for $111 on social media after he accidentally shrunk her designer trousers in the dryer.  The woman, who is from Freeland, Michigan, purchased the $199 Kimbo knitted pants from Australian made Spell Designs in hopes of pairing them with similar bohemian threads.

This is all fun and games here.  But let me play devil's advocate for a moment.

#1.  $200 for pants seems like a lot.  But, $200 for tracksuit bottoms?
#2.  Remember how hard it was to get your husband to help around the house and do things like the laundry.  Well, you just set yourself back 10 years by shaming his mistake.
#3.  $200 for tracksuit bottoms?

I've searched facebook front to back for the page that contains the photos with no success.  However, you can see photos of the shamed husband for sale on the Daily Mail site by clicking here.  I have to be honest, it's impressive how small these pants are now.  I mean, is this guy magic?

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