The video of this Livonia, Michigan woman attacking a Burger King employee is CRAZY.

There must have been a good reason for her to go ballistic in Burger King, right?  Well, she couldn't have it her way.  She asked for a burger with no tomatoes and guess what.  There were tomatoes on that burger.  Fast food employees do not get paid enough for this nonsense.  The employee was very nice and even offered a full refund.  But that didn't slow down crazy no tomato lady.

According to ABCactionNews this suspect was causing issues at another local business,

Less than two weeks after the Burger King incident, the woman also caused a disturbance at a Cricket Wireless store in Warren, Michigan. Police say she was disrupting display cases and stole a phone, and that she was mad she didn't get a phone with her new contract.

Click here to check the video.




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