It happened on a beach in Miami, and it was a sad sight.

On Saturday Yaqun Lu, of Hudsonville, Michigan was arrested by police for using  wooden stick to jab at a sea turtle nest in a protected area. The actual charges are "molesting marine turtles or eggs".

Mlive reported that according to the arrest report...

Officers saw Lu using the stick to poke at the eggs in a nest, which was in an area off-limits to the public and surrounded by yellow tape. She was also described as “stomping” around the turtle nesting area.

Police officers did report that n"o eggs were damaged".

In the State of Florida it is illegal to harm turtles and their babies. Also, the turtles are protected under Federal law.

The report did not state which type of sea turtle eggs where at risk but there are 7 species of this majestic turtle...

Wikipedia reported that  the IUCN Red List classifies three species of sea turtle as either "Endangered" or "Critically Endangered". An additional three species are classified as "Vulnerable".

So you can see why it was such a horrible thing that a Michigander allegedly did on a Miami Beach.

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