Two 10 year-old girls were found camping overnight in the clothing section of the Ludington, MI Walmart.

Apparently, they were participating in a social media challenge that involves people sleeping inside large stores.  The girls took off when a Walmart employee found them.  However, one of them left a cell phone behind according to,

One of the girls left her cellphone behind and they were able to get in touch with one of the  mothers.  Sheriff Kim Cole said the mother of one of the girls allegedly took them to the store at around 2 am.  She subsequently returned to meet with the deputies. They discovered she was carrying heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine.

This bizarre social media challenge was made popular by youtube stars according to,

Stores targeted in the "24-hour overnight challenge" include Tesco, Sainsbury's, Ikea, Toys R Us and Claire's Accessories — where one pre-teen star spent a "sleepover" with her dad for a web video.

I'm really missing the innocent days of "planking."

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