For metal detector enthusiasts, it's the thrill of the hunt where even an old penny can drive adrenaline. Imagine the rush, however, when you find something truly rare and valuable like a British coin likely dating back to the 1700s. That's what happened in the fall of 2020 to a group of Michigan treasure hunters.

While the discovery was made in on a cold day in November of 2020, the video wasn't made public until February 2021. A group known as the Wanderers were hunting what is now a farmer's field but was once a train depot.

One of the hunters in the group calls the gang over when he finds a 'largie.' Slang for a large size penny minted until 1857.

As the group looks at the coin, they realize it's rare.

Dude, I don't think this is a US Large Cent...

There's no way...

I'm telling you right now that's a KG3

What's a KG3, or rather KGIII, it's a coin bearing the bust of England's King George III, you know the one we fought the Revolution against. The KGIII coins were minted during his reign, lasting until 1820 and in 18 different denominations from a farthing up to a 5 guinea piece.

Here's a video of that chilly treasure hunt. The discovery of the King George III coin comes at 9:30.

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After being shared on the Michigan Metal Detecting Facebook group, the excitement among those who viewed it was palpable.

Was a great video! That KG III is the stuff dreams are made of.

Michigan colonial copper! Love it! Congrats

I found a KG III copper near Grand Rapids a couple of years ago. A stunner for sure

Extremely rare here. Amazing!

The field they searched was awash with different coins and odd pieces of belt buckles and watch parts. Where exactly? We're not sure but do know from their Facebook page, part of the group is based out of Grand Rapids.

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