Many lifelong Michiganders have been saying these places wrong.  Are you one them?

After putting a lifelong Floridian to the test on the pronunciation of Michigan towns.  It was I, the person born and raised in Michigan that is on the hot seat.  Apparently, I have no idea how to pronounce a hand full of Michigan locations  As seen in the TikTok below.

Within hours that Tik Tok received at least 60 comments correcting me on the pronunciation of Gratiot County.  I now know it's pronounced dangerously close to a curse word, "Grash - It."

Then an argument broke out over the pronunciation of Bois Blanc, Michigan in the comments.  Some say it should be pronounced "Boy - Blonk."  Others say, "Bob - Low."  It is possible that Bois Blanc Township is pronounced "Boy - Blonk" while Bois Blanc Island is known as "Bob-Low."  If anyone reading this lives in any of these areas and give us a definite answer that would be great.

Then we have Ocqueoc.  That's a lot of vowels.  After lots of googling it's safe to say you pronounce this tiny Michigan town, "Ah - Key - Ock."

I thought I had this last one correct.  I did not.  According to the small village of Ontonagon in the Upper Peninsula is pronounced, “On-TON-ogg-en."

Have you been saying the Michigan towns and counties correctly?  I can't be the only one that got these wrong all of these years.

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