I bet people in Grand Haven were as shocked as British explores were in Tahiti back in 1767 when they saw Matt Smoenski surfing at the Grand Haven Pier.

The rain and wind over the weekend created fun for Michigan surfers...yea, surfers!

Over the weekend, Mlive.com reported that...

"In the Holland and Grand Haven area, waves on Lake Michigan are reported to be closer to 10 feet high."

With that news, Michigan Surfers wasted no time in waxing up their boards and taking to the shores of Lake Michigan.

Meteorologist Mark Torregrossa explained that...

"Surfing conditions on the Great Lakes are rare. If they happen, it's usually October and November, when storm systems get stronger, and we have longer periods of higher winds,"

This weekend was perfect for hitting the beach in West Michigan, see for yourself...

Surf's up Dude, see you at the Grand Haven Pier!


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