Temperatures have finally risen to the point where it's safe to think about summer vacation. If you're thinking of heading up towards Pentwater, you've might want to check out the Lavender Labyrinth

It looks pretty cool from the sky, not as much from the ground. But remember, these picture are not when everything's in full bloom. (Check the full bloom pictures here)

Lavender Labyrinth Shelby, Michigan street view
Google Street View

But the location, Cherry Point Farm and Market (in Shelby, Michigan, in Oceana County) does sell fruit, pies and preserves there. And having been up the road, to Pentwater, there's fun off-roading stuff to do up there, too. Lake Michigan is a mile away, and Silver Lake and Silver Lake State Park are nearby, plus there are sand dunes.

One year, Kathy and I rented a Jeep and went off-roading up and down the dunes. (Word to the wise: If you haven't done it before, go with guide. We went with a guide and two other Jeeps and had a great time.)

Mental Floss did a quick write-up of this place a couple of years ago. It's quite colorful, and fragrant, when everything is in full bloom.Cherry Point Farms website says full bloom is in mid-July into early August, so you have some time to plan.

And like many farms in Michigan, there's an adjacent shop that sells the typical fruits, pies, jams and the like. Oh, and fudge, because it's Michigan.




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