News of a possible threat to the Michigan State Capitol has caused a temporary shut down while police investigate.

As reported by Fox 2 News in Detroit, Tim Skubick, of Fox 2, said

We do have a confirmed bombed threat that was phoned in to the state capitol or Ingham county police. The state police with the bomb-sniffing dogs are inside our state capitol making sure there is no device in there and no one is at risk.

Currently, police do not believe that the threat is credible due to the fact that the capitol building was under surveillance throughout the day yesterday. A group of protesters, about 300 of them, were demonstrating outside the capitol building yesterday leading to more surveillance.

Alerts were sent out to local senators around 7:30 this morning that warned them of the possible threat as shared by Mallory McMorrow.

This story is still developing as the investigation continues.

*UPDATE: According to Fox 2 News, the capitol building has been given the all clear. No bombs were found and the building was allowed to reopen*

After a day of violence in our Nation's capitol, I can only imagine the fears that our local senators might be carrying today. Both here and throughout the rest of the country.

I, as a humble morning show cohost, don't have the answers. I can only express my experience which is an overwhelming feeling of heartbreak and disappointment. I have to believe that we as a nation will get through this.

Stay safe out there today. If you're feeling overwhelmed, you're not alone. Remember to do something kind for yourself today and maybe even for someone else. The only way to get through this is together.

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