Michigan Rocker Kid Rock is endorsing the new 'American Badass Grill', that according to his press release, 100% of the grill is made in America.

We as fans of music are aware of the normal gear or items that our favorite musicians sell, but a charcoal and gas grill is something new!

At Kid Rocks web-site you can find numerous items for sale...

  • Socks
  • Beer Glasses
  • Boxer Shorts
  • Beach Balls
  • Jewelry
  • Drink Koozie's
  • Ornament Set
  • Flags
  • Books
  • Shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Hats

And the List goes on an on. There is something for everyone, because Kid has so many different styles, prints and logos on his gear! Now though, according to the Detroit Free Press, you can buy that new grill you have been taking about, support American jobs, and have a rock'in backyard bash inspired by Kid Rock!

You have two options...

  • The charcoal grill costs $99.95 and is 100% made in America
  • The gas grill costs $195.95 and is 90% U.S. parts and labor

The website americanbadassgrill.com boasts..

  • Made in the USA -- by American workers for American workers.
  • Tough.  Hardworking.  Built to last.
  • Full-throttle grill in a portable size. Large enough to fit 12 burgers, small enough to take the party on the road.
  • Gets the job done. Dual damper system cooks to perfection – hot & fast or low & slow.

The slogan for the new grill is simple, "Work Hard. Play Harder." Your cost to own an American Badass Grill is only $149.00 (anyone else thinking that this may just be the best Father's Day Gift?).

Even if you don't buy one of Kid Rocks grills, the website americanbadassgrill.com has 4 'Badass Grillin Recipes' that you can try out..

  1. Beer Can Chicken
  2. Grilled Steak
  3. Cheddar Stuffed Burgers
  4. Tailgate Pork Tenderloin

This not the first time that Kid has stepped away from the standard items a rock star sells A couple of years ago he came out with his own brew 'Badass American Lager'.  The website americanbadassbeer states...

Born In Michigan. Made In America. Brewed In Detroit.

It's born out of bushels of American barley and hops harvested straight from the Heartland. It's crafted with care in a place where factories mark one horizon and wild forest mark the next. This beer's built with American pride. Pry one open and you'll know: there's trouble brewing. This is pure American Badass."

Instead of buying a new grill, you can always just stick to great beer and cool clothes from Kid Rock!

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