Rage Rooms have been a growing trend for quite some time. And, as it turns out, we have a few in the state of Michigan.

If you're unaware, Rage Rooms (also called Smash Rooms or Anger Rooms) are designed to let you destroy as much property as you can in your given time. Maybe you're smashing a printer with a bat, maybe you're chucking bottles against the wall...whatever the scenario, the purpose of these rooms is to help you release some frustration.

In light of the last few years and current, ongoing frustrations in life (looking at you, inflation) it's safe to say that a lot of us may benefit from letting off some steam. Here are 4 Rage Rooms you can find in Michigan:

1. Destruction Depot 

Destruction Depot is located in Whitmore Lake and run by an Army Veteran. You'll pay $20 per person with additional charges depending on what you want to destroy. The rooms are available for 45 minutes or until you destroy all of your items which range from TVs and laptops to dishes and liquor bottles. They do have box bundles where you can pay a flat rate for a number of different items to smash. See more here.

2. Break Room

Located just outside of Grand Rapids in Byron Center, Break Room offers a number of different packages depending on what you're looking for. If you're an individual, you can book a room for either bottles, mixed glass, or electronics for $30-$50 for 25 minutes. Or, book a room for a group. There's even an option for you to bring your own breakables (hello old framed photos of that one ex.). See all of their options here.

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3. Rage Room

Absolutely loving the "Hulk Smash" in the background of this room. Located in Madison Heights, Rage Room is Michigan's first rage room, according to their website. Sessions start at $40 per person for up to 20 minutes. You're given the option of using a bat or sledgehammer to destroy things like household items, furniture, and electronics. See more here.

4. Jax Smash Rage Room 

Jax Smash Rage Room operates inside of Lumber Jax, an ax-throwing business in St. Joe. Sessions start at $40 for 15 minutes for a single person to $111 for a group of 3-4 people for 25 minutes. The smashable items vary depending on what package you select. See more here.

Keep in mind, because of time limits and preparations needed you will need to make an appointment for your rage room session.

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