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According to PR Newswire,

A down payment is only the first of many costs associated with car ownership - considering insurance, maintenance and other expenses, a new study finds it costs an average of $11,227 to buy and own a car for three years - and this amount varies by thousands of dollar from state to state

According to a new study, it costs an average of $3,742 a year to own a car.  Which includes gas, insurance, registration, and a few other things.  But it also depends on what state you live in.  Here are the five cheapest states to own a car:

1.  New Hampshire - $2,699 a year.

2.  Missouri - $3,093 a year.

3.  North Carolina - $3,149 a year.

4.  Wisconsin - $3,190 a year.

5.  Ohio - $3,198 a year.

Now here are the five most expensive states:

1.  Michigan - $5,105 a year.  So almost twice what it costs in New Hampshire.

2.  California - $4,817 a year.

3.  New Jersey - $4,495 a year.

4.  Florida - $4,404 a year.

5.  Maryland - $4,309 a year.

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