A fortune cookie just made a Ypsilanti man over $350,000 richer this week.

If you've ever wondered who actually uses the numbers on the backside of the fortune found inside fortune cookies, wonder no more according to the Detroit Free Press,

“I’ve been playing these numbers for a long time,” said the anonymous 61-year-old player. “I don’t remember when I got that fortune cookie, but I do remember thinking the numbers looked lucky, so I went with it."

The Michigan man decided to stay anonymous and be responsible with his $351,180 jackpot.  He'll pay bills, help family, take a vacation and save the rest.

He was just celebrating the fact that his granddaughter passed her driver's test when he realized he was a lotto winner.  Something tells me this granddaughter is pushing for a really, really nice first car.

I love stories like this.  In fact, it was just a couple weeks ago that a man almost forgot to check his lottery ticket only to accidentally find out it was a Million dollar winner.  Click here for that story.

Congrats to the lucky lottery winners.


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