Can you imagine having a million dollar lotto ticket and forgetting to check the numbers?

A 68-year-old man named Gregory Guilford was buying a Powerball ticket the other day at a Portland, MI store.  It was like any other day until the woman behind him in line mentioned that last night's big winning ticket was sold at another store.  Gregory told Michigan Lottery about that moment according to ,

"As soon as she said that, my mind started racing," he told lottery officials. "I started to leave but turned around to scan my ticket and get a printout of the numbers. I was stunned when I realized I was holding a ticket worth $1 million."

Guilford's ticket matched the five white balls drawn in the May 28 drawing. He'd bought it that day at Bill's Party Store on East Grand River Avenue in Portland.

 He completely forgot to check his numbers?!?  How different would Guilford's life be had that woman not spoke up in line?  I hope he hooked her up with a free pop or something.

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