A Michigan man faces a long list of charges after a series of dangerous decisions while driving in Indiana.

Clearly, nobody thinks that flying down I-94 at 125 MPH is a great idea.  I think most of those people would also agree that switching seats while driving is also not a great decision.  And can we all agree that driving while under the influence should never happen?  An Indiana State Police report says this guy allegedly did all of these things at the same time Tuesday morning .  Three wrongs do not make a right.  In fact, it caused an accident and jail time according to wane.com,

The trooper estimated the car to be traveling at 125 miles an hour. The trooper then tried to pull the driver over and that’s when he tried switching seats with a front seat passenger. The car then hit a guardrail and came to a stop.

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36-year-old Johnell C. Higgins of Detroit was arrested after his incredibly dangerous behavior on I-94 in Chesterton, Indiana. Higgins refused to complete field sobriety tests after failing some of the tests.

The suspect was taken to the emergency room where he allegedly attempted to fight law enforcement, hospital security and hospital medical staff.  He broke a state trooper's sunglasses and struck another trooper on the leg during the altercation.  The list of charges, which I'm sure will be a long list, has not yet been released.  Higgins was then booked at the Porter County Jail.

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