At one time, the gentleman in this story was well-armed... not as much anymore.

Police in Warren, Michigan say a man in his 30s, Michael Liburdi, will, a the very least, lose a hand after an explosive device he was handling in his garage inadvertently detonated. He was taken to an area hospital with severe injuries, but is expected to live. The home where the explosion took place was on Gentner Street near 8 mile Road and Gratiot Ave.

Not surprisingly, this guy was already under investigation - according to authorities - for a number of other things, but wasn't initially disclosed as to WHAT that investigation was bout (though we have a few guesses).

After the explosion, a search warrant was executed, and a number of explosives and firearms were confiscated from his home, as well as thousands of rounds of ammunition. The investigation is ongoing.

Initial reports were that this guy was going to lose both of his arms as a result of the explosion, but fate dealt him a lucky hand... or, at least one.

Neighbors say after the loud "Bang," they saw Liburdi come out of what was left of the garage, with a finger completely full of blood, and he kept asking, "where's my dog?"
(Props on the guy, at least, for literally blowing his hand off, and the first thing he thinks of is the well-being of the dog... which was fine by the way.)

Turns out, police had their eye on this guy for some time, and after they swept his home, more evidence pointed to "something more sinister" according to Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer. No further details were given regarding what may have given him that impression.

Michael Liburdi
Michael Liburdi

Liburdi is no stranger to the legal system, with a number of previous criminal offenses. He's managed to escape major jail time so far, but it will be hard to point the finger elsewhere this time.

Honestly, and jokes aside, it sounds like this guy had some real bad things cooking, and karma got the best of him before he could follow through. And good on the police for recognizing this, even before the explosion, so much so, they were already keeping an eye on him.

But nonetheless, fate intervened, and this explosion expedited the process of keeping him from doing whatever he had planned... he basically HANDED them the case.

Alright, I'm done.

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