Sweater weather season is quickly approaching and this year we're going to need them because it's predicted to be a snowy and cold winter in Michigan. And we could see the first snowfall before the actual start of winter.

A Winter Wonderland

If you're a fan of snow, Farmer's Almanac is predicting that we could see the flakes start to fly earlier than normal. The first day of winter is December 21st, but Michigan could see snow as early as November this year. And after that initial snowfall, snowstorms, showers and flurries are soon to follow. The snowiest periods will be in late December through most of January and mid-February. The almanac also predicts that we could see blizzard conditions heading into March.

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Michigan is also expected to be feeling the effects of the El Niño winter with colder than normal temps. But, we're not alone since the almanac predicts this will bring cold temps and snow throughout the country. The coldest periods in Michigan will begin early in December and from January all the way through mid-February.

A White Christmas

Farmer's Almanac
Farmer's Almanac

The question we always seem to ask in winter in Michigan, 'Will we see a White Christmas'? And this year it looks like we will. That means that it might be a good idea to plan ahead for the expected extra snowfall and cold temps before the holiday traveling begins. It's also a good idea to get ahead on any auto repairs or tune ups before that first snowfall.

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