The coolest way to get to class is to dance your way there!

Jennifer Hawkins, a teacher in Southfield Michigan, at Birney K-8 School has a video going viral. Being the  dance teacher of the school, Jennifer taught her students the crazy popular dance from The 'Thriller' video, then took it to the halls!

According to the Detroit Free Press, since being posted to Twitter on Sunday, the video has close to 4 million views and more than 100,000 likes.

This is how the scene played out...Jennifer Hawkins, began moving down the school's main hallway with her students behind her. As the music begins to play, Hawkins and the students stay perfectly on beat, throwing their heads to the side before going full "Thriller".

What a fun way to celebrate Halloween and hats of to the teacher making it happen!

Watch the group dance down the hall!

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