Not everyone knows about the beautiful, majestic herds we have living and thriving in Michigan.

In the late 1800's elk disappeared from the state of Michigan and it wasn't until 1918 that seven elk were released. Since then, the animal has struggled for survival in the mitten state, with lack of food and poaching of the animal. In the 1970's people became interested in the elk again and started working on ways to help the herd grow. Now, according to 

"Thanks to extensive public and private wildlife management in the last four decades, an aerial survey in early 2016 found an estimated population of more than 1,300 animals – well above the Michigan Department of Natural Resources’ population goal of 500 to 900."

We have so many things to be grateful for here in Michigan and now a healthy elk population!

Here are some facts about elk that shared...

  • Weight 350 to 900 pounds
  • From their feet to their shoulder they are 4 to 5 feet tall
  • Head, neck and legs are dark brown
  • During the Winter months their head, neck and legs are dark, while their sides and backs are much lighter
  • Their Summer coat is deep brown/red
  • Antlers grown annually on a male Elk
  • Their antlers can weigh up to 40 pounds
  • They eat grass, forbs, shurbs, fruit and trees
  • The Elks Calves are born in late May to early June
  • At birth the Calves weigh between 25 and 30 pounds
  • Elks breed in late September to early October
  • The best time to catch sight of the animal is at Dawn or Dusk

If you have a chance to see an elk or an elk herd I highly recommend it, they really are amazing creatures.


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