It's the year 2019 and people are still uncomfortable when a man dresses up like a woman. As sad as that is, some people just aren't able to grasp the concept and are having a hard time adjusting to the fact that it's not the 50's, and people are starting to become more comfortable living the life they're promised to be able to live, as stated in the Declaration of Independence. The pursuit of these queens' happiness has brought some discomfort the people and mayor of Holland, as the Michigan Drag Brunch (part of the proceeds of each performance benefit HQ, a center for homeless youth) is set to take place July 28th at the Holland Civic Center.

Mayor Nancy De Boer said in an interview, "I can’t tell you how hard, how hard that is for me. There’s a whole variety of values now that we didn’t, we didn’t deal with, you know, 50 years ago."  I'm sure back in the good ole days of scaring people into conforming or to live a secret life, things were much more comfortable for society. But this is humanity, and sometimes we have to adjust the status quo to appeal to everyone. I personally have no ill feelings towards the mayor, this isn't something she's used to. But as a leader, she has the opportunity to do something big. By taking the first step in extending the olive branch, she has the power to influence tolerance. She doesn't have to believe in the lifestyle or agree with it. But she can support these queens, which invokes peace, instead of segregation.

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