A recent survey shows that Michigan coaches are among the most loved by parents and players.

FlipGive recently published the results of their survey in honor of National Coaches Day (October 6th.)  To measure the importance of coaches in kid’s lives, FlipGive surveyed 1,000 U.S. adults with children who play youth sports. The results are proof positive that coaches matter, far more than their wins and losses. Consider:

  • 93% of American parents think sports coaches have a positive impact on youth’s lives.
  • 87% of parents say their child looks up to his or her sports coach as a role model.
  • 61% of Americans think coaches do not receive the recognition and appreciation they deserve.

The top 10 states where coaches are most beloved by parents and players:

1. Florida
2. Nevada
3. Texas
4. Michigan
5. California
6. Virginia
7. North Dakota
8. Idaho
9. Maryland
10. Indiana

You can see a full break down of this survey by clicking here.

Did you have a coach that made a difference in your life?  Let us know in the facebook comments.

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