A Michigan Cheese Company has a recall due to labeling 

The product may not be bad but the labeling is and that has caused concern. The Detroit News has reported that the Shelby Michigan company that produces cheese has run into an issue of labeling that has forced a recall.

Because the products do not follow labeling requirements for raw milk cheese, as outlined in Michigan's Manufacturing Milk Law.

Here are the cheeses that are being targeted ..

  • Bulgarian Feta Style
  • French Feta Style
  • Greek Feta Style

The dairy products recalled are packaged in the following plastic containers:

  • 6-ounce small, clear tub
  • 1.2-pound medium container
  • 1.8-pound large container
  • 15-pound medium pail
  • 30-pound large pail

Customers with recalled products should not eat the cheese and should discard the products or return them to the place of purchase. Questions about the recall can be directed to Gena Inc. at (586) 251-2928 or by email at info@orocheese.com.

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