Kaleb Klakulak has been working hard doing odd jobs to raise money to buy his best friend a headstone.

Kaleb and K.J. have been best friends since second grade.  Sadly, K.J. passed away in May due to complications from years of chemo to fight his leukemia.  It is both heartbreaking and inspiring what Kaleb is doing since is friend's passing according to NBCChicago,

K.J. was buried in a family plot at Detroit's Elmwood Cemetery. But K.J.'s mom couldn't afford a grave marker, so Kaleb has been raking leaves, collecting bottles and soliciting PayPal donations on social media to help raise $2,500. He's raised $900 so far and given the money to K.J.'s mother, LaSondra "San" Singleton.

We just checked his paypal fundraiser to find that he did it.  This inspiring 7th grader will get a gravestone for his best friend.

WE WANT TO THANK YOU ALL from the very bottom OF OUR HEARTS!!! The funds have been provided for KJ's headstone! We thank each and every person who donated and shared this story. We never dreamt it would take off like it did! The PayPal will be open for a couple of weeks. If you still wish to donate the money will be used to help Kj's family during this financial and emotional hardship! If not .. that's totally fine too. We are beyond humbled by the gengenerosity and love over the last few days! Whatever you decide ... please keep them in your prayers as they are approaching their first Christmas with out KJ.

Our hearts go out to Kaleb and K.J.'s family.

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