Last week, I learned an interesting fact about Michigan. Apparently, we're in the top 10 for states with the most reported Bigfoot sightings.

I had stumbled upon a store in Michigan that seemed to be obsessed with Bigfoot. They sell hoodies, tumblers, figurines, and more all of which feature Bigfoot.

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While writing that article, I came across a story from that lists the top 10 states for Bigfoot sightings. Michigan sits at number 8.

Who Tracks These Reported Sightings?

That would be the Bigfoot Fied Researchers Organization or, BFRO for short.

The organization allows citizens to report any suspected sightings to a team of scientists who then do a follow-up investigation. It is completely volunteer-run and also tracks reports in Canada.

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I'm not sure how often this database is updated but, currently, these are the top 10 states with the most Bigfoot sightings:

  1. Washington - 710
  2. California - 461
  3. Florida - 339
  4. Ohio - 321
  5. Illinois - 303
  6. Oregon - 257
  7. Texas - 254
  8. Michigan - 225
  9. Missouri - 166
  10. Georgis - 140

And, these sightings seem to be ongoing. In fact, just a few months ago Click on Detroit featured a story about a new, potential Bigfoot encounter:

But, don't worry. If you think you've encountered Bigfoot but, don't want your peers to think differently of you, BFRO will keep your report anonymous if you'd like.

Of course, people may have actually seen Bigfoot but, called it something else. In Ohio, for example, there's apparently a legend involving the "Grass Man." Something, I feel, would have a very different meaning in Michigan:

Will this mystery ever be solved? Will we ever get hard evidence of Bigfoot (or Grass Man, Skunk Ape, etc) roaming our wooded areas? Who knows?

Should you have a report to file, you can learn how on the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization's website.

Maybe we can throw "#8 in Bigfoot Sightings" to the new slogan list for the state of Michigan. It's better than "keep it fresh," right?

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