Things got heated when this woman brought an ice scraper to a snowball fight.

A 20-year-old Taylor, Michigan woman was caught cold handed Friday morning.  She allegedly assaulted a 21-year-old Union Township woman.  There were actually four women involved in the this super snowy squabble according to The Morning Sun,

The assault was one component of a fight that started as an argument between two sets of roommates who'd been having problems.

We don't what started this neighborhood rivalry.  But we know the white powder keg blew up Friday morning.  An argument resulted in a snowball fight that snowballed into assault fast. In fact, it almost sounds like one set of roommates were prepared for battle with a bucket full of snowballs.  When they exhausted their cold, round ammunition they through the bucket at the other roommates involved.  It's unclear exactly what happened next, but we do know an ice scraper was used as a weapon.  Not to water this story down but one of the women tossed a cup of water in the face of another woman.  Sometimes when you don't have actual weapons you have to flake until you make it.  Sometimes Michigan winters can be un-brr-lievable.

Nobody was injured but everyone involved seemed very frostrated.

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