When I first started working in radio I was working with a buddy who had just moved to Michigan. His hometown was in Wichita, Kansas but he called St. Louis, Missouri home, even though he had lived all throughout the country. We would bring up happenings in different areas and he would ask me how to pronounce different cities and towns. I remember after one city he looked at me and said, "Dude, you guys have so many dang cities in this state it's ridiculous." I was thinking about this the other day and it got me thinking.

Just how many different cities, towns, villages and other general local governments are there in Michigan? I figured we should be near the top. After a quick search I actually found that I wasn't too far off. According to Governing.com, they say the Census Bureau conducts the Census of Governments every five years, and then it categorizes each government in the country. They say that Michigan has the 7th most cities, towns, villages and other general local governments in the country. In fact our neighboring states all made the list as well. Below is where they all landed:

1. Illinois: 2,828
2. Minnesota: 2,720
3. Pennsylvania: 2,625
4. Ohio: 2,327
5. Kansas: 1,993
6. Wisconsin: 1,924
7. Michigan: 1,856
8. North Dakota: 1,718
9. Indiana: 1,662
10. New York: 1,587

I guess that's one of the cool things about Michigan is that every little village, town or city is known for something and each have their own little hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Some of the best places are here in Michigan, you just gotta' know where to look.

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