Yes, it's just a sign, but it's a sign that dates back to 1959. And it's has a unique shape. And on Wednesday it was reinstalled for everyone traveling to the Bridge and beyond to see. The sign greeting visitors to the Mackinaw City Welcome Center just east of I-75 was first unveiled in May 1959. What made it unique was its "irregular quadrilateral mounted on a stylized galvanized letter "M" can see it's unlike those at other Michigan Welcome Centers, yet it still seems familiar."

The sign had a twin that was removed in 1979, when the building was added on to. At about the same time, the remaining sign was updated with a new message: "Travel Information Center: Michigan Dept of Transportation."

Since 1980, the sign got older and had little work done to it, so the surface faded and letters peeled.

Photo provided by and used by permission of Michigan Dept. of Transportation.

In the past year, an MDOT crew took on the project of refurbishing it, starting with a powerwash, and resurfacing. After a lot of work was done, it was re-installed and unveiled Wednesday.

Photo by Sara J. Martin. Used by permission of Michigan Dept. of Transportation.