This is Maxx.

Maxx is a 13 year old, gorgeous, long haired cat who is looking for a new home. He was a little shy when he visited with us in studio this morning but seemed very low-key.

Maxx's story is a little sad. On his paperwork the listed reason for his surrender to the SPCA is that he has been "miserable for 7 years". That's just breaks my heart! Every animal deserves to be in a happy home and at 13, Maxx is WELL overdue.

According to Katie Timber, Maxx would be best in a quiet, peaceful home. He seemed to get along fine with her other cats and he would most likely be okay in a home with one dog. Otherwise, a home with small children would not be suitable for him.

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Maxx is up to date on his shots and ready to be adopted today.

Fostering Needed

We've talked about it a few different times on our Dog Days segment, which you can catch every Thursday at 7:35am, but I want to stress again how vital fostering animals can be.

Currently, the SPCA is overwhelmed with the number of animals that have been surrendered to them. They work their hardest to provide a safe place for every single animal but, space is limited. That's where fostering comes in.

With fostering you have zero financial responsibility. The SPCA covers the cost of food and medical care while you get to do all the snuggling, playing, and, the most important part, socializing. You're legitimately helping an animal become more adoptable while simultaneously freeing up the much needed space for animals that are continuing to pour into the shelter.

If you'd like to foster you can find all the information here.

Upcoming Adoption Event

If Maxx isn't for you but you're still looking to adopt an animal make sure to put this on your calendar.

Callendar Commercial is hosting a pet adoption event on on July 23rd from 1:00 - 5:30pm. The first 4 dogs and first 4 cats adopted will have all fees covered by Callendar Commercial. You can find more information here.

We feature a different animal from the SPCA of SW Michigan every Thursday at 7:35am with the hopes that we can find these animals their forever homes. But, there's no need to wait another week to see who else is available. You can always check the SPCA's website to see what animals are up for adoption or just stop by. Find their location and hours as well as a list of all adoptable animals here.

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