If you're driving down the highway at night this is probably the last thing you would expect to see.

As reported by Deadline Detroit, police are currently searching for a man who was seen chained to a roof of a car while it zoomed down the Lodge Freeway in Detroit.

He wasn't chained down the way luggage or other rooftop storage would be. Instead, he's seen standing on the roof of the car using the chains like you would reins on a horse. Take a look:

My first thought while watching this is that we are, indeed, living in a weird simulation that happens to be on the theme of Grand Theft Auto. In actuality, this was probably an absurd stunt in order to gain internet fame or someone just happened to issue a dare that had to be fulfilled. Whatever the case, this person clearly woke up that day with zero cares or concerns about anything resembling travel safety.

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The fact that the video was filmed while moving down a freeway at night makes identifying where exactly this occurred on the Lodge Freeway difficult. But, with over 68,000 views on Instagram, I'm surprised this person's identity remains a mystery.

Regardless, police are still on the lookout for this rooftop rider. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Detroit Police Department.

No doubt this person out of Detroit will eventually become a meme or something similar. Speaking of memes, there are some that are apparently labeled as "decade defining". See if you agree:

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