Is the Macy's at Crossroads Mall safe?

According to Forbes, Macy's will close 100 of its 728 stores in 2017, "or about 14% of its fleet, the company said Thursday".

"Closing stores is not something we take lightly, but we do believe it will enable us to focus more on our better stores and on our digital business," Karen Hoguet, Macy's chief financial officer, told an investors in a conference call Thursday.

CBSNews says it's a sign of our times, the fact that department stores like Macy's are falling to online rivals.  Macy's has yet to announce exactly which stores they are closing in 2017 so for the time being, our local Macy's is safe.

Macy's Chief Executive Terry Lundgren said,

"Over the past few months, we have been saying that a setback is a setup for a comeback, and we now believe we are set up well to proceed to a comeback."

Check back for updates on exact locations to be closed.

Macy's To Close 100 Of Its Stores
Photo by: Drew Angerer /Getty Images