If you're looking for a sweet, laid back, lovable, independent kitty then allow me introduce you to Liz.

Liz is today's Dog Days guest and she is just precious. She's about 2 years old and was recently surrendered to the SPCA of SW Michigan for reasons unknown. It's definitely not her behavior because this baby instantly curled up in Katie's lap.

Liz 1

She welcomed all the pets and overall just relaxed for our entire visit. And you don't have to take my word for it. Every week, we go live on Facebook with our Dog Days guest. You can see today's here.

When I asked Katie if Liz would be good in a house with other pets she said that Liz was a little standoffish towards her other pets but not in a 'scared' way. More like...she just had other things she'd rather be doing. Honestly, that's my favorite part about cats. They'll come cuddle but aren't too clingy. Similarly, that's the reason I like my boyfriend so much.

If you do have another animal at home and are interested in adopting Liz, you can always set up a meet and greet to see how they get along. You can contact the SPCA here.

Katie also wanted to remind everyone that the SPCA of SW Michigan has resources for those in need. The pandemic has been rough on the majority of people. If you're in need of food for your pets, the SPCA has a food bank for that exact purpose. There's no judgement. No questions. Just grab what you need. You can stop by or contact them here.

Our goal every week is to help find animals their forever homes. Which is why, every week, I ask the same thing. If you're not in a position to adopt Liz but know someone who is - please share! Even if that's all you can do, it's a big help and we appreciate it! ❤️

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