I love urban dictionary, the self described "website where it's a challenge to find one subject where no one talks about sex." In reality, you can take an everyday subject, enter it in and most likely get a pretty funny definition in return. I was curious what the site had to say about our two biggest nearby cities, Kalamazoo and Battle Creek. Urban Dictionary did not hold back:

Battle Creek:
A small a** city in Michigan. Two hours away from Detroit. Where all there is to do there is get high and watch the pistons and the sorry a** Lions play. It also is known for Ceral(sic). (Battle Creek is where most of your ceral(sic), anything Kellogg or Post it comes from Battle Creek.) They are also known for The Worlds Longest BreakfestTable(sic). Two words for ya FREE FOOD!!!!! Anyway its about 27% black,49% white,14% hispanic(sic) and 10% other. Its really a f****d up place!!!


TANYA: Gina lets stop in Battle Creek on our way to Detroit so i can say hi to my mother. 

GINA: Is the Breakfest Table going on? 

TANYA: I dont think so. 


Kalamazoo, yes its real!! i have been there!!!! it has a nice mall, and its in MICHIGAN!!!!!!! yeah..... and its quite big and it has KVCC! lol, which is a lame ass colege(sic) but it works.
Lets go to the bad side of Kalamazoo and get some hookers babe!!!!! CHEAH!
Wow, looks like there's a lot to learn about our cities on Urban Dictionary.

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