Many people may have never seen one of these...

I hanging out at Ascension Borgess Health Club when I walked past this relic. For many they may not know what it is; it is a pay phone. Long before everyone had a cell phone this was a way to touch base if you were out and about. I used to put a dime in each of my penny loafers so that if I found myself in a jam I could make a phone call.

USA Today did a report on out dated things, and of course the classic public phone was one of them, here are a few others.

The Phone Book - They were used often, in fact a number of pages on mine where dogged eared for convince,  i.e. the local pizza joint.

Using A Dictionary - Yes, I am old, still have and use one at my desk in the ofice as wel as at home!

Clocks with Hands - Classic, the ones that tick are the best!

A Mixed Tape - Who didn't love it when a boyfriend or girlfriend made you a mixed tape.

Recording Your Favorite TV Show on a VCR - Those blank tapes used to be highly coveted and hard to come by in any home.

Good memories...For some, for others it a whole world they will never know (unless they hit the gym)

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