Do your hair toss, check your nails...and make your way to Detroit if you want to say hello to Lizzo!

Until this very moment, I was completely unaware that Lizzo is from Michigan. She's from the Detroit area to be more precise and will be returning to her home town today to speak at a volunteer campaign event for presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The Grammy award winning singer will be making an afternoon stop to speak to volunteers and encourage residents to vote early, as reported by The Detroit News. But, that's not the only stop she'll be making. The Good as Hell artist will also be making a stop in Harper Woods to talk to young people about the importance of voting.

Celebrities all over the country are getting involved with local campaign events as we get closer to election day. As a reminder, there's only 11 days left until election day. In Michigan, you can still request an absentee ballot until October 30th if you are registered to vote. You can find more information about where to vote and deadlines here.

Besides her music, Lizzo is known for her confidence and messages of body positivity. Something that she is very vocal about. In fact, she called out the massively popular app, TikTok earlier this year for what she believed to be discrimination. Check out the full story below.

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