Today, our Dog Days guest was little Lewis.

Lewis was turned over to the SPCA of SW Michigan after one of his owners passed away. The other owner wasn't able to care for him which is why he's now in need of a new home.

I would describe Lewis as in need of a lot of love. He's a little cranky around other dogs, as Katy described him, and he probably wouldn't be the right fit for a home with little children. Remember, if you're interested in adopting any animal from the SPCA of SW Michigan, you can always schedule a meet and greet with you and the whole family. In fact, I encourage it. Something about meeting an animal in get a vibe. Yes, that's me being scientific, but you know what I mean. Sometimes it just feels right.

When I said hello to Lewis the vibe I got (apparently I'm sticking with that term) was that he was just a little downtrodden. A little sad. He needs a stable home with patient owners to help him flourish into a happy little dog.

Lewis 3

Lewis is available for adoption now at the SPCA of SW Michigan. To schedule an appointment or see other animals available for adoption, please visit their website.

The SPCA is finally back to normal operating hours. That means they're going to need a lot of help caring for these animals as they search for their new homes. If you want to help, there are plenty of ways to do so. You can volunteer to play with the animals, with general office duties, at special events...the list goes on. You can find all information on volunteering here.

Our goal each week is to help find these animals their new, forever homes. Even if you can't adopt or volunteer you can help by simply sharing this on social media or with someone you know who is looking for a new furry family member. Please and thank you!! ❤️

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