Calling all Star Wars fans! This is the class for you.

The level of excitement I experienced when I learned about this class was extreme even for me, an avid Star Wars fan.

LudoSport Club in Kalamazoo offers an actual, real life, lightsaber combat course. You read that correctly. If you need a visual, the below video is from the Fencing World Championship where two contestants battled with lightsabers instead of swords.

While that video isn't from LudoSport Club (and clearly has some visual effects applied) you get the general idea.

Over the pandemic their classes had been put on hold, for obvious reasons, but now they're back! In a recent Facebook post, LudoSport Club shared that they're offering a free discovery class for anyone interested in learning more about what they do.

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The class will take place at Chung's Martial Arts Academy in Mattawan on Sunday, October 24th from 11am - 1pm. A few things to note;

  • They will have lightsabers available for use. Or, you can bring your own
  • This is open to everyone aged 13 and older
  • Social distancing will be observed. Masks are required for those unvaccinated and encouraged for those who are.
  • No previous knowledge or fitness level is required

Ludo Sport is an internationally known company with the first Michigan location right here in Kalamazoo. You can read more on their website but keep in mind, it's in Italian. So, unless you're fluent, you may need to use Google translate to read more.

Spots are limited for this free discovery class. You can learn more about the event and how to sign up here.

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