When it comes to iconic and unique restaurants, Michigan has plenty to bring to the table. But the Legs Inn restaurant in Cross Village, MI may be the most unique and interesting of them all. The Legs Inn is a timber and stone Polish-American restaurant whose roof is decorated with upside-down stove legs. Inside though, the interior is filled with all sorts of logs, wood burls, stump seats, and antlers. The lighting in the restaurant gives it a different experience level on its own.

Many people come to the Inn to experience a unique dining setting, and has apparently won over many first-timers:

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The food is both interesting and good, the view of the Lake is great, and the drive from Harbor Springs through the "tunnel of trees" is unmatched.

Legs Inn is located on the north side of Hwy 119/Lake Shore Drive, just east of N. State Rd. at 6425 N. Lake Shore Drive. Recently the restaurant announced that they'll be closed for the remainder of the year on their website:

As the 2021 season comes to an end, we continue to reflect on the ever-changing and challenging business climate here in Northern Michigan. There are so many aspects that make Legs Inn such a unique dining destination and we are beyond grateful for the ever-increasing number of guests who came to visit us as this past season. We continue to believe in maintaining a specific level of customer service and will always remain dedicated providing each of you with a safe, authentic and memorable dining experience.

You can learn more about the Legs Inn and the owners in the video below!

Legs Inn May Be The Most Unique Restaurant In Michigan

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