So yaaaaaaa. About Kwame Kilpatrick getting out of prison early. That ain't happenin'. The Federal Bureau of Prisons announced yesterday they had denied his application for home confinement, which would have been a 21 year early release from Prison. It looks like his comment of "Look out Detroit, you done set me up for a comeback," will have to wait.

Ebony Foundation went public last week saying that he had been granted an early release from prison, even though the Justice Department had yet to make an official statement. According to a statement, the group banded together with other black leaders and called for Kilpatrick's early release. Rev. Keyon S. Payton, who is the National Director of Community Outreach and Engagement has been very vocal with his stance that Kilpatrick was over punished for his crimes.

Now, Freep is reporting that The Bureau of Prisons issued a statement that proved that the rumor created by Kilpatrick's supporters was unfounded and false, saying

On Tuesday, May 26, 2020, the federal Bureau of Prisons reviewed and denied inmate Kwame Kilpatrick for home confinement. Mr. Kilpatrick remains incarcerated at the federal correctional institution in Oakdale, Louisiana

Earlier this year, Michigan state representative Sherry Gay-Dagnogo hand-delivered a letter from Kilpatrick to Trump during a White House event regarding his early release. Now she feels duped because apparently, Trump had told her during his visit to Michigan the day before that Kilpatrick would be freed. That clearly isn't the case anymore, as even Kilpatrick's Detroit lawyer, Harold Gurewitz and U.S. Attorney Matthew Schneider had never heard a thing about his early release. This sounds like a bunch of nothing.

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