Check out this killer property that just hit the market in Illinois! The home is located in Carlinville and is listed "for sale by owner." Given the current state of the housing market these days, all a home needs is pretty much a roof and four walls and it's guaranteed to sell. However, these owners have taken a unique approach to making sure their property is quick to sell.

Danielle Sullivan is an Illinois mom who ran her photography business out of the home. I'm sure she drew inspiration from previous viral properties listings when she decided to feature a special house guest in her property photos: none other than Michael Myers.

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Though some may consider Wayne's World and The Love Guru star Mike Myers scary enough, we're talking about Michael Myers from the popular slasher Halloween franchise!

Danielle decided to enlist the help of her 16 year-old son so throughout the photos of this four bedroom, four bathroom home you'll find a familiar masked face staring right back at you, which could be a deterrent to some home buyers or a selling-point to others!

According to the Zillow listing Danielle writes,

This home is PERFECT for a young or growing family, and was designed with that in mind...This home was made for a family with young children, and its walls were filled with love. We built our family here and we just want someone to come along and love it like we did as our kids grew.

A home filled with love and a serial slasher! That's all fine and dandy, but you must check out this home's layout. Tile and carpet runs throughout, no doubt hiding hardwood floors underneath. There's also an atrocious and awkward island in the kitchen- my first plan of action would be to rip that island out! The upstairs also features a disjointed layout and includes a small "secret room" between the bedrooms where Danielle's kids loved to hide and play.

Well, one thing you can't say that this home is that it's not unique! Do you think it's worth the $169,000 price tag?

Check Out This Killer Home For Sale in Carlinville, Illinois

This home for sale features a unique, scary layout-- and an even scarier house guest!

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