Everyone has there one awesome moment in life. Most of us only get one. That one time when the stars align, and everything comes together perfectly in the universe. This was 11 year old Taylor Crozier's time.

Here is a kid who grew up watching Tiger Woods play on TV and now here he is in front of him showing him what he can do. What does he do, he hits a hole-in-one!

According to wikipedia, the odds of getting a hole in one is 12,500 to 1. Or in Las Vegas terms... no thanks.

Unfortunately his moment happened at 11. It might be a hard road if he tries to recreate a moment like that as he gets older. He may never hit another hole in one again. Hopefully he won't be the guy who tries picking up women later on in life with the line.

I hit a hole in one in front of Tiger Woods as a kid, want my number?

Here is the video.

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