Don't hold it against her — after several encounters in which fans have mistaken her for Britney Spears (in fairness, she doesn't see the resemblance, either...), Keira Knightley has decided to just resign herself to pretending she's the queen of pop when crazed followers ask for autographs or photos.

During an interview with James Corden Tuesday night (October 16), Knightley said she understands why she's routinely mistaken for fellow English stars, but the Spears connection still throws her for a total loop.

“The other ones I [understand]: English actress,” Knightley said. “[But it was] in LA, and I was in a shop. I don’t know. It was a weird one. I had my picture as Britney Spears.”

And Corden was incredulous.

“I would love to see that person with their friends,” he said. ”‘Guys, I just met Britney Spears. Look.’ And they go, ‘Oh my god, no you didn’t. You met Keira Knightley.’"

Still, Knightley said there are perks to temporarily living the life of a music sensation.

“I quite enjoy it, though. I’m much more polite, I think, when people think that I’m somebody else," she said.

Spears aside, Knightley said she's also constantly mistaken for other celebrities.

“I’ve been chased through a park as Kate Winslet. Quite a few people have come over to me to ask me to say hello to Daniel Craig for them because they think I’m Rachel Weisz. Lovely," she said.

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