While scouring through the internet yesterday for lunch ideas I came across a thread on good ole' Reddit which started from some one posing a question: "If somebody new was visiting the area any time of year, what is the one thing you would tell them they had to do or see in Kalamazoo?" This was quickly followed up by a slew of people who had a lot of good things to say about a number of places, but one in particular that I've never tried.

Wally's Deli on the corner of Stadium and 9th is somewhere I've never been but it turns out a lot of people are praising them. There are comments saying:
"They have great subs and have been there forever."
"Wally’s is the best sub around!"
I used to work down the street from Wally's and got them every day for lunch. When they were good, it was GREAT."
I guess I'm gonna have to check this place out.

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