A Southwest Michigan freelance journalist goes viral with funny and controversial videos.

Julie Smith aka @juliejohnsonsmith on TikTok has just surpassed 13k followers on the very popular video social media app with her own brand of humor.  She has received over 345.6 thousand likes overall and recently hit one millions views on a funny video that no doubt, caught some hate.

Before we get to Julie's video that caught fire on TikTok.  Let's enjoy her response to a "Kitchen Hack" on how to keep bread fresh.  If you've browsed TikTok for any amount of time, you have seen these life hack videos.  Some of them are mind blowing, while others are ridiculous.  That's where Julie comes in.

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I can only assume Smith has a 7th grade kid judging by this plea for help.

In the video that has been viewed over 1 million times and liked 316.6 thousand times, Julie makes a hilarious joke about gender reveal parties.  Many people loved it.  However, there are the people that simply can't let a joke be a joke.

As an LGBTQ+ ally, Julie makes a lot of videos regarding our alphabet community.  This is another one of those videos that many loved and others trolled.  It has been views nearly 135,000 times so far.

If you want to see more of Julie's video you can check her out on TikTok by clicking here.

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