Driving in Kalamazoo can be pretty crazy, but take it from someone who grew up in Rochester Hills near M-59, you don't wanna know the kind of traffic that area can have. There are places that make Westnedge Ave seem like light traffic. It's funny when you encounter certain parts of the city that you see drivers doing the same kind maneuvers or have a certain style they like to drive when they hit certain streets. One in particular has me cracking up, because in the time I've been here I see everybody do THIS same thing and it always makes me wonder why.

The funny thing about this is that I'm totally guilty of doing it as well. I thought I was being crafty and smart with my driving but, for real, it makes absolutely no sense, yet every time I'm at this intersection, everybody does this:

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When At This Intersection In Kalamazoo, Everyone Does The Same Thing

So when you're posted up at the red light on Michikal St, looking to make a slight right onto West Michigan Avenue, the moment the light turns green, I've seen people hit the gas and get driving as fast to the speed limit as possible. Why? Because they want to make it through the light at the intersection of Westnedge that ALWAYS turns yellow JUST as we all pull up to it. I've seen people speed to get through it, I've also seen people just straight up blow through the light.

This Is Why We're Dumb For That

It seriously makes NO sense for us to do this. I think it's just this little mental edge we want to hold over the light, but it literally serves no purpose. Because the moment you make it through the light, you just get held up at the light at Park St., and can't even go until the Westnedge light turns green. We think we're saving time or being smart, but it has no effect on our commute time, and I find it hilarious.

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