I can remember when the Baconator first came out.  Everybody was saying it's just too much bacon and we all thought, ya, that's too much bacon!  My how times have changed.  Now you can order a bacon sandwich topped with bacon and bacon on the side.  Bottom line is you can never have too much bacon.  the last thing we heard about bacon was the McDonald's Bacon Hour.  Well now it's Wendy's turn.

According to simplemost.com, it turns out this is a win win!  Not only is Wendy's giving away Baconators, they're using DorrDash so you don't have to go outside in the cold!  Through February 4th, when you order at least $10 worth of food you get a complimentary Baconator and the DoorDash fee is waived too!  Of course the usual restrictions apply like surge fees, driver tip and one per person but we can deal with that!  After all, we're getting a free Baconator right?  Get more information by clicking HERE.



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