The City of Kalamazoo plans to open some select area fire hydrants to provide relief from expected temperatures in the high 90's and heat indices going into triple digits, later this week.

MLive reports the select locations are mainly in three Kalamazoo neighborhoods:

  • Edison Neighborhood - Washington/March, Clarence/Jackson, Hays Park/March, Hays Park/James

  • Eastside Neighborhood- Charlotte/Sherwood, Sherwood at Roosevelt Apts, Fairbanks/Center

  • Northside Neighborhood- 1038 Interfaith, Burrell/Lawrence, Krom/Clay, Norway/Princeton, Church/Norway - MLive

The report goes on to say the plan is for the hydrants to be open from 1 pm to 9 pm, for the duration of the period of excessive heat.

The City says it does not want residents opening hydrants on their own, and to call the Department of Public Safety to report any unauthorized hydrants that are open, as it could pose a threat to fire fighting activities, if that should happen.



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