It's an exciting thing when you see your town's business growing and plans to better the city begin. Yesterday, the Kalamazoo City Commission approved a plan to reinvest tax revenue, a total of $66 Million, which will be collected from increases in the value of downtown property. The leverage of the $66 million in state and local taxes is expected to boost business in downtown Kalamazoo during the next 30 years, according to MLive. Business will sure be good.

Mayor Bobby Hopewell commented on his excitement of the reinvestment stating, "I think it's creative, I think (the plan) is looking at everything from diversity to infrastructure, (programs) and open spaces. When you talk about places people want to live, those are things they want in their downtown. I think it's targeting that heavily. I'm pretty pleased." Anytime you're talking about a city growing and it's economy increasing, you know things are gonna be good. It'll be a slow but progressive plan which I'm very excited about.

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