A local sandwich shop is celebrating their grand opening today in Kalamazoo!

Okay...they were only closed for a few days. But, any place surviving after the year we just had deserves some celebration.

Artisan Sandwich Company made an announcement on Facebook last week that a "BIG surprise" was on the way which caused them to close on December 26th. A shut down that only lasted until today but promised some big changes. They even gave their customers a sneak peek:

With new equipment and fresh countertops, their Facebook posts express excitement to continue to serve their community.

I'm in a weird position where I moved to Kalamazoo in the middle of a pandemic where everything people have told me I have to experience in the area has been either partially or completely shut down. With that being said, me expressing my sadness at seeing business shut their doors forever (or on the other hand my excitement at them staying open) may seem insincere but, as a former bartender and server and as someone with a significant other still in the service industry, it really does break my heart when they close. I wish nothing but the best for local establishments because, selfishly, I want to experience them!

I applaud anyone who made it through 2020 emotionally and mentally intact. And I especially applaud the businesses who adapted and found a way to keep their doors open when the world was forced to stay home. Or made the impossible decision to say goodbye to a potential dream. I can't imagine that either would be easy.

There are a couple that we've highlighted like a 7th grader who managed to start her own business in the midst of Covid-19 which you can read about below

Or how about this story about a family's journey from Egypt to bring us some new options in Kalamazoo

As far as Artisan Sandwich Company goes, you can visit them today from 10am - 3pm if you'd like to show support for their re-opening. And you can always find updates on their Facebook page.

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