[WARNING] This story is about a sexual transmitted disease outbreak in Kalamazoo County.  But it is important information.

This story is not meant to be sex shaming.  I am also not writing this as scandalous click bate.  We have a serious outbreak in our area involving multiple STDs.  Only Detroit has a higher rate of gonorrhea and chlamydia than Kalamazoo.

According to WWMT,

Health officials say it's not just on campuses but all over and they say getting tested will help curb this outbreak.

“We're still concerned with the number of gonorrhea cases in Kalamazoo county,” said Lynne Norman with the health department. “When you compare Kalamazoo to Kent County and the state, we are significantly higher.”

Tinder is sited as people part of the problem.  There are 2 very important things you can do to protect yourself and others during this outbreak.

#1 Get Tested.  You can contact your local doctor or get a complete STD screening at the Kalamazoo County Health Department.  More info by clicking here.

#2  Use Protection.  The best way you can prevent getting or receiving an STD if you are sexually active is to use a condom.

I'm not interested in getting into a debate about abstinence.  However, I am interested in getting information out to the public that can make an impact on our community and hopefully prevent more people contracting these STDs.

You now know there are MANY people in Kalamazoo area with gonorrhea and chlamydia.  Knowing is half the battle.


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